Time till exhibition
The Story

The brasserie Willemientje is part of the sustainable project of the street De Heurne in Enschede. For several years the amount of potential customer passers-by decreases within this shopping street, due to an extinction of further shops. This makes it more difficult to survive for the shops remaining successfully in this street. The brasserie was founded 1980 and is famous for their “broodje”. The name refers to the Queen Wilhelmina.

The aim of this project will be to improve the business performance by increasing the amount of customers. This will be accomplished by one physical installation including multiple different solutions approaches, including – among others – the promotion of the project group via this web based appearance and commercial print media for the shop.

The interactive installation will be placed in front of the brasserie Willemientje, next to the terrace from the 8th till the 10th of July. There, the user can create colorful and unique compositions by interacting, using hand movement. The composition will be displayed on an extraordinary canvas by a beamer. A pillar holds amongst other sensors and actuators a Leap Motion. With this extraordinary and extremely sensitive (up to 1/100th of a millimeter) infrared sensor we are able to detect the movement of the hands and individual fingers. The pillar holding the Leap Motion will be placed one and a half meters in front of the canvas allowing the user to create an artwork by using only gestures of their hands in the air.

The artworks users make will be displayed on a screen in the art gallery. Additionally, the latest artwork made will be shown on this website. The user will have, when he/she is in the gallery, the option to print the artwork and take it with him/her. By creating a rewarding reason to go through brasserie Willemientje to the gallery, the chance of realizing the beauty and coziness of the brasseries inside will drastically increase.

The Team

Andreas Twardzik

Project Manager


Philipp Trübiger

Art Director


Wenbo Liu



Tijmen Lindemulder

Interaction Designer

Concept Bakery is a young multinational team of creative folks. All team members are currently studying “Art & Technology” in Enschede, Netherlands. The team is led by Andreas Twardzik, a 27 years old German, who has got experience in project management from his former employment at STABILO in Nürnberg, Germany. The German Art Director Philipp Trübiger comes from an artistic family and directs the team’s creative progress. Designer Jurre Spiegelenberg from the Netherlands is the creative core of Concept Bakery. He is mainly focused in 3D design and a very skilled visual artist. Dutchman Tijmen Lindemulder is the Interaction Designer of Concept Bakery and responsible for the user experience. Wenbo Liu is a game designer from China and as the Developer of the team in charge of all programming parts. Tim van Scherpenzeel, an art-, philosophy-, and technology affiliated Dutchman manages the public relations and communications.